Legal Shield

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I help small business owners enhance their benefits packages so they can be more competitive in attracting and retaining talent as well as increase profits and reduce expenditures.

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We provide unique employee benefits to service our clients. Services that many consider “adds value,” we consider as a natural part of our expertise in employee benefits. Our specialties include Certified Identity Theft Risk Management and Group Security Specialists with expertise in protecting companies and employees as it relates to legal and identity theft exposure.

Over 110,000 employers in the U.S. and Canada use LegalShield Business Solutions to:
– Establish a progressive company image which helps the employer attract and retain talent
– Reduce stress and distractions in the workplace
– Decrease absenteeism by approximately 1 day per year per each employee enrolled in the program

We do this by making our identity theft and legal theft protection plans and memberperks available to their teams as a voluntary, employee-funded benefit.

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