Visalia Gleaning Seniors

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Visalia Gleaning Seniors at a Glance

The Visalia Gleaning Seniors started in 1976, clearing fields of unpicked vegetables and orchards of unused fruit. Today, while they no longer actually glean the fields, members continue to provide themselves and their peers with vegetables and fruit, and quite a bit more. The concept started in Sacramento one year earlier. It was such a success, Visalia, being in the heart of the agricultural world, formed its own chapter on the same concept.

The motto is “Community Helping Seniors”

Visalia Gleaning Seniors receive fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts all year long, as well as baked goods, and more. Farmers and packinghouses donate food to the Gleaners. As the association is non-profit, their donations are tax-deductible. Due to its location, between Visalia and Farmersville, Visalia Gleaning Seniors also receives baked goods from Svenhard’s Swedish Bakery, located in nearby Exeter, and other foods from grocery stores.

Gleaner volunteers sort the donations and deliver them to 13 distribution points within Visalia and in Farmersville. Members may pick up anything they want, or need, from those locations. Manned four, five, and sometimes six days per week, the manager at each distribution location has a list of nearby members to call and let them know what is coming or has come in that particular day.

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